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Windcloud – A green Data Center in the North of Germany

Green data centers require green electricity. Ideally, every hour, every day, all year round. When you drive through the most northern state of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, you experience a pioneer region in terms of renewable wind and solar energy production. While driving along the west coast to visit one of our members’ new data centers, the SDIA team was able to witness the high density of renewable energy assets from the road. One large wind park after the other and solar cells on every farm roof. The total energy production for the year far exceeds the region’s own demand. A good location for a green data center?


Read the full article on Digital Infra Network.

Lasse Schneppenheim
Lasse Schneppenheim
Engineer with focus on energy and environment and a vision for sustainable digital infrastructure. Founding member of the SDIA.

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