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The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) appoints Daan Terpstra as new CEO, as the Alliance embarks on its next phase towards a sustainable digital economy

Hamburg, 12 January 2022: The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) has
appointed Daan Terpstra as new Chief Executive to succeed CEO Max Schulze in January as
the organization restructures to focus on accelerating cross industry collaboration within its
Steering Groups to drive sustainable solutions in the digital sector.

The SDIA’s new CEO comes with a wealth of knowledge including a Masters degree in
political science, and extensive experience gained within the energy sector, including roles
at Vattenfall and Board Member at Energy Storage NL.

He is committed to bringing together all digital stakeholders to transform the digital
economy, making it future- proof and sustainable, transparently reporting progress, and
educating governments and society on realizing members' vision of a Sustainable Digital

Max Schulze, SDIA's Founder, and outgoing CEO says, “I am delighted to welcome Daan as
CEO, as he has shown an excellent capability to distill the needs of the SDIA for future
growth of the community. I will be focusing on the success of our Steering Groups, as this
will enable me to innovate, connect with members, and work on the goals of the SDIA by
unlocking the business case in sustainability.”

Throughout his professional career, Terpstra has dedicated himself to the well-being of
people and the planet, and is committed to creating a positive future for the next

“A sustainable digital economy, balancing people, planet and profit, is the only viable path
forward to allow our children, and their children’s children, to enjoy a sustained way of living
on this planet. The SDIA will continue to work to enable and ensure a sustainable digital
infrastructure that underpins a sustainable economy .” Terpstra said in a statement.

Co-based in Germany and the Netherlands, the SDIA started with a bold idea and a few
people in the city of Hamburg in 2019. Over the past three years, the SDIA has gained
significant traction internationally in creating collaboration across industry boundaries
towards achieving environmental and social sustainability targets. To date, 66 members from
across all digital sectors have joined the SDIA on this path, committed to working on SDIA

“The SDIA Roadmap captures all the actions that the digital sector must take to reach
environmental and social sustainability targets. As a community, the SDIA has set the metrics
and targets that demonstrate positive impact.” Terpstra points out.

He also highlights the importance that the Steering Groups will have in 2022 for
implementing SDIA’s Roadmap.

Steering Groups advance the Roadmap to a Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030, by
overseeing the SDIAs execution of the roadmap activities and providing feedback from
industry and research.

Members within each Steering Group come together to focus on specific outcomes
addressing key challenges, identifying solutions, initiatives, and areas for further research.

“By bringing Steering Groups to the heart of our organization, we pivot the organization to
drive a measurable reduction in the environmental impact of the digital economy whilst
creating new economic opportunities.” Terpstra noted.

As a nonprofit organization, SDIA is a platform for accelerating continuous progress to
catalyze the transition to a sustainable digital economy. The SDIA brings together
stakeholders from across industries and fields, both public and private, to realize its
Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030.

About SDIA

Established in 2019, SDIA is a non-profit network of more than 60 organizations working to
catalyze the transition to sustainable digital infrastructure. It aligns all actors of the digital
ecosystem – from industry to governments to suppliers to consumers – on the mission of
decarbonizing the global digital economy and realizing their Roadmap to Sustainable Digital
Infrastructure by 2030. Schulze: “We aim to promote an environmentally, economically, and
socially sustainable digital economy. At the same time, we highlight the growth of the global
digital infrastructure sector, which is on par with the aviation industry when it comes to
carbon emissions.”

Media Contact

Julia Trzcińska, Director of Marketing Communications - SDIA


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Julia Trzcińska
Julia Trzcińska
Julia Trzcińska is the Director of Communications at the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA). With a background in marketing, social science, and research, Julia advocates for transparency and the shift to sustainability across the digital sector. She is actively working on expanding awareness of and building a movement for a sustainable digital economy. With experience spanning four countries, she is currently based in Warsaw.

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