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Defining the Carbon-Footprint of the Digital Economy

Today, people spend a vast majority of their time using digital services. Contrast the digital econo...
Mohan Gandhi 10-Aug-2020 08:45:00

Energy Utilities hold the Ace card for Urban Hyperscale Data centers

Low latency, high resiliency urban data centers are critical extensions to the underlying infrastruc...
Mohan Gandhi 01-Jul-2020 14:30:00

The Redundant Urban Gridiron – The Hyperscale Architecture of the Future

The need for lower latency and data sovereignty compliance will shift more huge data centers to the ...
Mohan Gandhi 15-Jun-2020 16:01:00

Energy Flexibility – The missing ingredient for the energy transition

Electricity flexibility is very valuable to the energy grid of the future and the large and growing ...
Mohan Gandhi 08-Jun-2020 16:12:00

Data Centers: The Heat source of the Future

Cooling in data centers remains a hot topic. But the industry is struggling to exploit or even put a...
Mohan Gandhi 25-May-2020 12:29:00

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