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SDIA’s position on the new EU legislation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

What will the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) mean for the future of digi...
Max Schulze 07-Sep-2022 16:43:28

The Importance of Labeling Sustainable Digital Resources

Over the last year, we have been grappling with the question of who is responsible for ensuring the ...
Max Schulze 23-Aug-2022 15:43:48

A Database of Hardware Lifecycle Assessments is Needed Now

To define the environmental footprint of software itself, we need transparency throughout the supply...
Max Schulze 18-Mar-2022 08:45:00

#TransparencyNow: Insights from Ciaran Flanagan, one of our Open Data Hub Ambassadors

Last summer, we announced our Open Data Hub – a resource meant to boost transparency, trust, and dat...
Julia Trzcińska 03-Mar-2022 08:45:00

Announcing the SDIA Open Data Hub

July 2021 – The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance is gearing up to launch its Open Data Hu...
Michael Oghia 07-Jul-2021 10:59:47

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