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Software must take responsibility for its environmental impact

Max Schulze was invited to the Policy Dialogue 'Greening ICT: What can EU do?' by the European Polic...
Max Schulze 04-Mar-2022 08:45:00

Decarbonizing the Software Supply Chain

Software is eating the world. It is also the only sector that has a significant lack of transparency...
Max Schulze 15-Feb-2022 09:30:45

Steering Group Update: Environmental Footprint Framework for server-side applications

Currently, there are more than 15 Steering Groups actively executing the SDIA Roadmap to Sustainable...
Max Schulze 01-Feb-2022 17:00:00

Minimizing the carbon footprint of software products through better UX

The carbon footprint of software is a topic that impacts anyone using digital technology, which dese...
Jurg van Vliet 17-Mar-2021 08:00:00

How to make Digital Carbon Footprint more transparent?

Digitalization is taking over every area of daily life. 
Mohan Gandhi 22-Feb-2021 11:56:12

Position Paper - High potential of CO2-free commercial waste heat from data centers

In a joint statement of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. with the Energieeffizie...
Lasse Schneppenheim 29-Jun-2020 08:32:24

Opinion: Why we need a Carbon Footprint for the Digital Economy.

The following piece is a personal opinion of Max Schulze, Chairman of the SDIA. It does therefore no...
Max Schulze 15-Jun-2020 12:48:21

Opinion: Digital Infrastructure keeps our economy going in times of the pandemic

The following piece is a personal opinion of Lasse Schneppenheim. It does therefore not necessarily ...
Lasse Schneppenheim 30-Mar-2020 12:09:00

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