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Press Release: Bulk becomes Latest Member of the SDIA

SDIA welcomes Bulk Data Centers as its latest member  
Max Schulze 22-Apr-2021 13:05:52

The Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure: How to Get Involved

Maps guide people on a journey and show them the path to take to an intended destination. Even with ...
Lasse Schneppenheim 23-Mar-2021 21:16:51

Data Centers: An Opportunity for Sustainable Digital Innovation

The shift of so much of our technology, communications, and data to the Cloud and the Internet has g...
Max Schulze 23-Mar-2021 07:35:00

Highlighting the Role of Data Centers in Sustainability: How a New Pact Supports SDIA Roadmap Initiatives

The SDIA was pleased to see the recent announcement regarding the formation of the Climate Neutral D...
Max Schulze 18-Mar-2021 06:00:00

Developing an open technology blueprint for the COP26

SDIA & OpenUK has formed an international consortium to develop an open source blueprint for the...
Julie Chenadec 09-Mar-2021 10:00:00

GF Piping Systems becomes latest Member of the SDIA

Germany/Hamburg, February 2021 - Swiss piping systems expert GF Piping Systems has signed up to the ...
Julie Chenadec 11-Feb-2021 10:39:55

New addition to the SDIA Advisory Board

The SDIA team welcomes Neil Clark on our Advisory Board and we could not be more proud he is part of...
Julie Chenadec 10-Feb-2021 16:19:14

All Media Publications covering SDIA and Green IT Amsterdam joining forces together

Curious to read which media covered the newly formed partnership between SDIA and GITA? 
Julie Chenadec 01-Feb-2021 18:49:05

The SDIA and Green IT Amsterdam join forces

Green IT Amsterdam and SDIA join forces to make digital infrastructure even more sustainable. The ai...
Julie Chenadec 21-Jan-2021 08:58:00

New additions to the SDIA Advisory Board

The SDIA team welcomes 2 new faces on our Advisory Board and we could not be more proud they are par...
Julie Chenadec 20-Jan-2021 11:23:34

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