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Sustainable Places 2020 Highlight Video

Missed the Sustainable Places 2020 conference? We produced a highlight video with the most important messages of our speakers.

In this video, we have six speakers. Their speaker cards and time stamps are listed below.

The conclusion is "We need to measure the carbon footprint of the digital economy!"


l.sdialliance.orghubfsSustainable Places Speaker CardsAli Fenn



l.sdialliance.orghubfsSustainable Places Speaker CardsChris Adams




Trevor Hinkle - Quote




John Laban - Quote




Max Schulze - Quote




Mohan Gandhi - Quote







SP 2020 Key Message_V3


You can also re-watch all the recordings from the conference here.

Julie Chenadec
Julie Chenadec
Julie has more than five years of experience in the Green-IT sector and a passion for sustainability. At the SDIA she takes on the position as Head of Communication and ensure impact, quality and consistency throughout our line of content.

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