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SDIA Report "The Utility of the Future" now available

Interested? Click here and download our Report for free! 

It's done! With the beginning of September the SDIA officially releases the long awaited report "The Utility of the Future - Where digital and energy infrastructure combine" authored by Head of Research and Policy Mohan Gandhi.

Download the Press Release (Eng)



Download the Press Release (Ger)


The Report reveals data centers are among the fastest-growing consumers of energy globally with the rise of digital technology including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and with the digital transformation of many sectors underway.

With carbon emissions from the global digital economy rivalling the aviation industry, the report calls to harness the potential of the digital infrastructure as a future source of heat and provider of energy services. The Report comprehensively elaborates the synergy potential in the operation of a datacenter and the necessary energy infrastructure.

"We believe the digital utility will be as critical to the 21st century as electricity was to the 20th century," said Mr Max Schulze, the SDIA’s Executive Chairman of the Board. “Energy and digitalization are on everybody's minds today as both play increasingly important roles in our lives. Yet few realize how interdependent these industries truly are.”

Mohan Gandhi, the report's author and Head of Research and Policy at the SDIA, added: "While electrical and digital power are both business- and mission-critical, digital power is still not yet life-critical. The moment digital infrastructure becomes as critical to the operation of modern society as electricity, we can consider it a critical public utility."

Tune into a short video summary by the author, Mohan Gandhi:

Mohan on Highlights of the Report 072020-1


Interested? Click here and download our Report for free! 


Lasse Schneppenheim
Lasse Schneppenheim
Engineer with focus on energy and environment and a vision for sustainable digital infrastructure. Founding member of the SDIA.

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