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Quarterly Member Event Q3

On 18 August 2021, we held our third quarterly member event.

Since the last quarterly member event in May, we welcomed many new members. We now have 65 members supporting SDIA and collaborating on our Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030. Thank you for your support!

What was the member event about?

We presented the latest updates to our members, including an overview of our Steering Groups, our Open Data Hub, and news about our ever-improving member communications. After that, we invited our members to lead three discussions rounds focusing on trends within sustainable digital infrastructure related to our Steering Groups including:

When the discussions wrapped up, we divided into virtual breakout-rooms to discuss the trends and share further insights, especially to inform members who are currently not active in our Steering Groups. Before wrapping up, we came back to plenary and highlighted the most interesting discussion points of every group.

The next member event will be hosted on 17 November. If you want to attend events like this, reach out to us and become a member!

Julie Chenadec
Julie Chenadec
Julie has more than five years of experience in the Green-IT sector and a passion for sustainability. At the SDIA she takes on the position as Head of Communication and ensure impact, quality and consistency throughout our line of content.

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