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Quarterly Member Event On 19 May

On 19 May, we hosted our quarterly member event.

We presented the latest updates to our members, got to know each other better, and had fruitful discussions.

The session focused on an agree/disagree game surveying the members on controversial questions, where members offered arguments in support of their opinion, followed by interesting discussions. The statements we discussed included:

  • The exponential rise of data growth poses a significant challenge to curbing our sector's carbon and resource footprint. 
  • The sustainability of data centers starts with efficient ICTs, not with renewable energy and residual heat reuse.
  • Resource use is a bigger challenge for the sector than its carbon emissions.

SDIA Quarterly Member Event  (2021-05-19 at 05_04 GMT-7)-1

The next member event will be hosted on 18 August. If you want to attend events like this, reach out to us and become a member!

Julie Chenadec
Julie Chenadec
Julie has more than five years of experience in the Green-IT sector and a passion for sustainability. At the SDIA she takes on the position as Head of Communication and ensure impact, quality and consistency throughout our line of content.

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Quarterly Member Event On 19 May

On 19 May, we hosted our quarterly member event.
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