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Creating the first Digital Power Markets

How do we make digitalisation sustainable, accessible and secure for all? 

Digital power - compute, storage & network capacity -  is quickly joining electricity as a critical infrastructure; yet, the vast demand for digital power across Europe is often being inefficiently provided for. Using the example of accessibility of electricity, we envisage a future where instantaneous and redundant access to digital power is also available to everyone.

Consuming electricity is as easy as plugging a cable into a wall. What makes this possible are the energy markets in which demand and supply are balanced efficiently. As part of our Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030, we are creating a framework for how marketplaces can be used for the efficient distribution of digital power. To reach our sustainability goals, marketplaces play a key role in re-distributing digital power to the most sustainable producers, e.g. the ones using renewable energy or refurbished hardware. 

Would you like to join us to create the first Digital Power Markets?

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Mohan Gandhi
Mohan Gandhi
Mohan leads the Innovation Lab Team and its project groups in their attempts to solve major technical barriers to a truly sustainable digital infrastructure. He Authored the Report "The Utility of the Future: Where Digital and Electrical infrastructure combine".

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