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Press Release: SDIA launches Horizon 2020 EU Project 'ECO-Qube'

The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. is announcing their participation in a first large-scale research project which will aim on increasing the energy-efficiency of existing data center facilities. The project is funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 project and has reached the highest score in the project call.

Many cooling- & energy-efficiency technologies are emerging, particularly adiabatic, liquid- as well as immersion-cooling. These technologies dramatically increase the efficiency of newly built data centers. However, in order to successfully transform the Digital Infrastructure sector towards having no negative impact on the environment, new and existing data center facilities are required to improve their energy- & resource footprint.

ECO-Qube Teaser_Final_20201016


Existing data centers often operate on IT utilization levels as low as 15%. Despite such rates, the cooling- & electrical infrastructure operates on a near full load configuration - irrespective of the actual IT load. 

As part of the ECO-Qube project, the SDIA and a consortium of organisations from across the value chain, aim to interconnect the data center building, electrical infrastructure and the IT workloads, in order to reduce resource consumption to a level that matches the operational IT capacity.

For this purpose the consortium brings together established data center suppliers, building management software, fluid dynamics experts, universities and pilot facilities to explore how existing air-cooled data centers can be transformed through precise measurements, simulations and machine-learning-based optimization. The consortium members are LANDE, Veolia, Vattenfall, Helio, ENDOKS, DSTech, R2M Solutions Spain, EMPA, Green IT Amsterdam and the Luleå University of Technology.

Together, the consortium will equip new and existing data center facilities with ECO-Qube sensors in three different locations, build fluid dynamics models for each and execute optimization strategies using software. Additionally the project will research the integration of renewable energy and waste heat valorization solutions.

The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance is a proud partner of the project and will lead the dissemination of the results and the progress of the projects. It’s one of the many important technologies which are part of our Roadmap towards Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030.

Download the Press Release (Eng)

Lasse Schneppenheim
Lasse Schneppenheim
Engineer with focus on energy and environment and a vision for sustainable digital infrastructure. Founding member of the SDIA.

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