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Press Release: Launching the 2030 Roadmap for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

The Roadmap to move the Digital Infrastructure sector to sustainability is to be unveiled at a special digital event from October 27-30.

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The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA), a non-profit association that aligns energy suppliers, governments and industry to a mission of decarbonizing the global digital economy, is hosting the important event.


You're invited to the SDIA's launch of its Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Roadmap 2030 which offers attendees more information on how the transformation of the digital sector is financed, and how it creates a new business case for data centers and digital infrastructure providers.

The conferences will also reveal more about the technologies that are found on the Roadmap in expert deep dive sessions. 

Launched in late-2019, the SDIA is the most prominent voice for the transformation of digital infrastructure towards sustainability, bringing together all industries across the value chain of digital services - from energy, data centers, construction firms, consultants to IT equipment and software development - and collaborating to realize sustainable digital infrastructure.  

With the Roadmap, the Alliance is releasing its plan to accomplish this. As the Roadmap is being published, the SDIA is also starting its key projects on developing the measuring tools, and publishing the data to keep track of the industry's progress.

Their Roadmap delivers critical answers to the most pressing questions on the journey towards Sustainable Digital Infrastructure, including how to quantify the sustainability of data centers, networks and infrastructure.

Mohan Gandhi
Mohan Gandhi
Mohan leads the Innovation Lab Team and its project groups in their attempts to solve major technical barriers to a truly sustainable digital infrastructure. He Authored the Report "The Utility of the Future: Where Digital and Electrical infrastructure combine".

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