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GF Piping Systems becomes latest Member of the SDIA

Germany/Hamburg, February 2021 - Swiss piping systems expert GF Piping Systems has
signed up to the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, whose mission is to move the
global digital sector towards zero-emissions.

Decarbonizing the global digital economy
Founded in late-2019, the SDIA is a non-profit entity that uniquely aligns all actors of the
digital ecosystem - from industry, governments to resource suppliers and end users to a
mission of decarbonizing the global digital economy.

While drawing attention to the growth of the global digital infrastructure sector, whose carbon
emissions rival that of the aviation industry, the not-for-profit organization seeks to drive
collaboration across the value chain to promote a sustainable digital economy - from an
environmental, economic and social perspective..

Improving water usage
The addition of GF Piping Systems to the Alliance will help the SDIA as it strives for greater
intra-industry collaboration towards an ecologically and economically sustainable digital

"We welcome GF Piping Systems to the Alliance," commented Max Schulze, SDIA's Chairman of the Board. " GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems for data centers. Cooling of the data center infrastructure is obviously crucial to data center operations. At the same time data center managers are starting to realize that the amount and the quality of the
water they use has a substantial impact on the environment. Together with GF Piping Systems and other members of the SDIA we hope to be able to create a better understanding of the water usage of data centers and to develop solutions that help data centers minimize the environmental impact of their water usage”.

Improve environmental performance
“For cooling plants a high focus is paid to the optimization of equipment. However, how this
equipment is connected together, i.e. with piping systems, is simply critical to enable the
complete plant to function as efficiently as possible and to remain reliable for its complete life-span. This focus on complete life-span efficiency and enabling the plant to run its life-
span reliably and securely are only achieved for the plant by using best in practice piping systems,” says Mark Bulmer, Head of Data Centers Global Market Development at Georg
Fischer Piping Systems.

“The goal of the SDIA, namely to drive the industry of data centers to the net-zero
facilities, is a common goal we as GF Piping Systems and SDIA share. GF Piping Systems prides itself in having a sustainable culture. Throughout all its processes from research and development through production to sales, the effect of all changes in processes must be evaluated in terms of their effect on the environment. This culture has been recognized by the
Wall Street Journal, who recently voted GF as one of the top 10 sustainable companies
worldwide. We hope that we contribute to the SDIAs vision by using the database of know-how within the SDIA membership to improve and adapt our own service and product offering to the specific needs of the data center market. Customer orientated product and service developments, bearing sustainability as the highest priority, evaluated independently and then published with an open book philosophy is a culture and mind-set that GF Piping systems  strives to constantly improve upon,” says Richard Trevaskis, Director of Data Center Development at GF Piping Systems.

Innovation Lab
The SDIA represents more than 50 members. The Alliance was established to drive
collaboration across industries to enable a thriving digital ecosystem without negative impact
on the environment through competitive and sustainable digital infrastructure. Recently the
SDIA started a close cooperation with Green IT Amsterdam to establish an Innovation Lab in
Amsterdam that is fully focused on research and innovation projects that help the
development and implementation of new and existing technologies that lower the
environmental impact of the digital infrastructure.


For more information please contact:
Julie Chenadec, Head of Communication, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V.

Julie Chenadec
Julie Chenadec
Julie has more than five years of experience in the Green-IT sector and a passion for sustainability. At the SDIA she takes on the position as Head of Communication and ensure impact, quality and consistency throughout our line of content.

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