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Press Release: GDA becomes Latest Partner of the SDIA

A sustainable collaboration: The German Datacenter Association (GDA) and the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) enter into partnership

With the common goal of making the digital sector in Germany more sustainable, the German Datacenter Association e.V. and the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. are now joining forces. Both associations are united by the idea that this major task can only be accomplished through collaboration.

Hamburg, Frankfurt, June 2021 - GDA and SDIA agree on a partnership. Sustainability is increasingly important for the digital sector, especially data centers. With the Roadmap for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure until 2030, SDIA has developed a concrete plan to enable a sustainable digital economy. Data centers have a key role to play in this. They are the hub where energy, communication networks, IT servers and software meet. Data center operators bring all these areas together and increasingly provide the impetus for change in IT infrastructure.

GDA represents the largest data center operators in Germany and, together with its members, organizes working groups and events that advance the issues of sustainability, energy and talent development. GDA is thus an important partner in the realization of a sustainable digital infrastructure for Germany and Europe.

Both organizations focus on making the digital sector more sustainable through the collaboration of their members. The term sustainable is based on the balance of ecological, economic and social aspects. The implementation of the topics is initiated and realized in the form of working groups, initiatives or research projects.

"The Corona crisis in particular has brought the digital economy more and more into focus. As a result, many investors have become aware of the market. It is important to now inform them about the market, to name the existing challenges and to point out possible solutions. We are very pleased to collaborate and partner with SDIA, one of the most influential associations for a sustainable digital economy." - Anna Klaft, CEO GDA.

"For SDIA, this partnership is an important step in bringing more change to the German market. "We are very excited about the ideas and forward thinking that the German Datacenter Association brings to the market. Together we want to bring the topics of sustainability, competitiveness and transparency further into the data center sector. We look forward to working closely together in our joint working groups and events." - Max Schulze, Executive Chairman SDIA.

At a first event in September in Frankfurt, the association and the alliance will present themselves together for the first time and discuss the topics, electricity procurement and sustainability with top-class experts, the regions around the city of Frankfurt and representatives of the energy industry and politics.

Founded in 2018, the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION e.V. is an association of operators and owners of data centers of all sizes and is supported by leading research institutes and media partners.
The association offers data center operators in Germany a platform to jointly strengthen the growth of the industry and its perception in business, society and politics. In addition, GDA e.V. represents its members in the relevant bodies with regard to laws, regulations, standards and norms, other rules and political issues. In the long term, the aim is to sustainably improve the general conditions for operating data centers in Germany and to secure the investment attractiveness of German locations.
The GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION e.V. has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) is a non-profit association (e.V.) that aims to drive cross-industry collaboration. Their goal is to enable an economic and inclusive digital ecosystem without negative environmental impact. With its network of more than 60 members, SDIA works to make the infrastructure that drives the digital economy sustainable. At the same time, SDIA ensures that the digital economy remains open and accessible to everyone. With the help of its Roadmap for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030, it serves all stakeholders from across the value chain, enabling them to connect, create transparency, and achieve sustainability. It offers a holistic, systems-based approach to solving the challenges facing the ICT sector - from energy supply and data centers to fiber networks and software.

Download Press Release (German)
Max Schulze
Max Schulze
Founder of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance. Expert on Software Architecture, Technology & Cloud Infrastructure.

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