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Launching the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. - Reducing Emissions from Digital Infrastructure and strengthening the Digital Economy

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PRESS RELEASE, 11.02.2020
Hamburg, Germany

Reducing Emissions from Digital Infrastructure and strengthening the Digital Economy - launching the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA).

Today, the expansion of the digital economy already poses challenges for the environment. By the beginning of 2030, data centers are estimated to account for up to 13% of global electricity consumption. Inside data centers, the inefficient use of equipment is creating unnecessary waste and costs. On a global average, eight out of ten servers are idling while still consuming electricity. Even when there is nothing to calculate, servers still emit heat, waste heat that is not utilized either.
Limiting the expansion of digital technology is not an option. We have to adapt the underlying digital infrastructure, reducing its emissions to net zero, making the massive growth sustainable while ensuring it remains open & accessible.

Max Schulze, Chairman of the SDIA says: "We believe we are facing a once in decade opportunity. The Digital Economy can create growth and prosperity without consuming planetary resources - if we built the right infrastructure for it."
It’s possible. Renewable energy is available in abundance and

data center power consumption can be matched with weather-dependent energy production. Integrated into urban areas, digital infrastructure can supply much needed emission-free heating. Server Hardware can be recycled to reduce waste. Efficiency in existing data centers can be increased by utilizing idling servers better.

Dr. Birger Ober, CEO says: "The SDIA is a platform that fosters collaboration among the industries who create the digital infrastructure we use everyday. We believe a deeper integration of sectors such as Energy, Information & Communication Technology, Construction and Real Estate is needed to reach our goal of zero-emission & accessible infrastructure."

The members of the SDIA participate in working groups that develop reference architectures, agree on shared standards, best practices and aid the policy creation process. The aim of each group is to create the blueprints for the successful commercial implementation of waste-heat recovery and smarter power consumption.
As an industry association we support policy making as well as the creation of necessary standards for the digital infrastructure sector. We facilitate research and education to accelerate the adoption of new technologies beyond the boundaries of our Alliance.

The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance starts it work as of October 1st 2019 and welcomes all interested parties such as energy utilities, technology providers, data center operators, ICT companies as well as independent consultants and representatives from politics and science. Join us if you want to contribute to the future of zero-emission & accessible digital infrastructure that empowers the next-generation of digital inventors.

Lasse Schneppenheim
Lasse Schneppenheim
Engineer with focus on energy and environment and a vision for sustainable digital infrastructure. Founding member of the SDIA.

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