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Position Paper - High potential of CO2-free commercial waste heat from data centers

Download Position Paper (German)

In a joint
statement of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. with the Energieeffizienzverband für Wärme, Kälte und KWK e. V.* (Energy Efficiency Association for Heating, Cooling and CHP - AGFW) and Bitkom e. V.** we express the urgent need to adjust the definition of waste heat in the upcoming changes to the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG) in Germany in order to support the use of waste heat from data centers as a climate-neutral and sustainable energy source. 

Data centers as long-term and sustainable infrastructures are becoming more and more interesting as a heat source for heat network systems and an increased use of waste heat from data centers has also been a declared goal of the Federal Government since 2019.In order to achieve its ambitious climate goals, Germany must stand up for a consistent implementation of the heating transition by transforming the heating networks. With regard to the use of already available waste heat in heating network systems, a proper definition within the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG) would bring about a big boost.

The collaboration between associations from different industries is a very unique and powerful approach to support a comprehensive position including a number of different views and interests and thereby pays tribute to the complexity of the topic. As the SDIA sees collaboration between different industries as one of their key principles, we are especially proud of this paper and working with such respected associations. 

* AGFW promotes combined heat and power, (district) heating and cooling on a national and international level as an efficient, independent and neutral umbrella organization. As a rule-setter and service provider in the industry, the AGFW has represented the interests of more than 500 combined heat and power, heating and industrial companies with its technical, business, legal, energy and environmental policy know-how for over 40 years.

**Bitkom is Germany’s digital association. Founded 1999 in Berlin, we represent more than 2,700 companies of the digital economy. Our membership spans more than 1,000 SMEs, over 500 startups and virtually all global players

Lasse Schneppenheim
Lasse Schneppenheim
Engineer with focus on energy and environment and a vision for sustainable digital infrastructure. Founding member of the SDIA.

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