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Energy Flexibility – The missing ingredient for the energy transition

Electricity flexibility is very valuable to the energy grid of the future and the large and growing size of data centers, the delay-tolerant nature of some of their workloads, and the instantaneous nature of their operations make data centers particularly applicable as providers of that flexibility. The result? Data centers would profit from their ability to integrate intermittent renewables into the wider electricity system. That’s what we call net-positive digital infrastructure. 

The SDIA is working with EPEX SPOT to create an economic space and pilot scheme where local flexibility markets can be tested, regulated and optimized before being rolled out on a larger scale to enable the activation of data center flex. We call on data center operators to get in touch and join our programme. Further the SDIA its full analysis on the synergies between the energy systems and digital infrastructure – The Utility of the Future. Sign up to be notified and get the executive summary today.


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This article is part of a series in cooperation with Digital Infrastructure Network, covering some of the key ideas contained in the SDIA’s flagship report on the future of Digital Infrastructure: Utility of the Future – Where Digital and Energy Infrastructure combine. You can download the executive summary today and be notified when the report is released.



Mohan Gandhi
Mohan Gandhi
Mohan leads the Innovation Lab Team and its project groups in their attempts to solve major technical barriers to a truly sustainable digital infrastructure. He Authored the Report "The Utility of the Future: Where Digital and Electrical infrastructure combine".

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