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EKWB Joins SDIA’s Fast-Growing and Vibrant Community

Hamburg, Germany, 5 October 2021EKWB, the leading European manufacturer of premium liquid cooling solutions, has joined the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA). The company will use this opportunity to build capacity, spread knowledge, and as an active member of the industry, do its part in helping it move forward surely, safely, and sustainably.

Joining SDIA offers EKWB the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded, industry-leading companies already conducting work to answer today's challenges and define the future. “EK's views, values, and competencies make this an evident choice, one full of opportunities to innovate, improve, and integrate further with current partners and new ones, both on the private side and within the public sector,” the company said in a statement.

Max Schulze, SDIA's Executive Chairman, welcomed EKWB to the Alliance, highlighting the impressive experience that the company has when it comes to liquid cooling and its role in data center infrastructure. “EKWB will undoubtedly add value to our Alliance, offering critical insight and extensive experience with liquid cooling technologies. We are happy to count them as one of our newest members,” he said.

The SDIA is a nonprofit network of more than 65 organizations across Europe and beyond, working to catalyze the transition to sustainable digital infrastructure. It aligns all stakeholders of the digital ecosystem, working together on the mission of fostering a sustainable digital economy and realizing its Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030.

“With vital resources such as land and water becoming more stretched and threatened, it seems inevitable that the increased needs for digital infrastructure that is able to cope with increased amounts of data and speeds will collide with the preservation of those resources.” EKWB highlighted. 

According to the company, through a framework focusing on sustainability, all the gains that can be accomplished on the technical side can also be achieved in a way that benefits the environment.

Founded in Slovenia in 2003, EKWB manufactures computer water cooling, extreme cooling, and various air cooling components for computers and electronics. During the last decade, EKWB has also become one of the three largest personal computer water cooling companies.

“Concepts like heat reuse, better efficiency in cooling, refurbishing/retrofitting, and green energy, to name a few, have all become more than simple words. They have transformed into actual concepts that will fuel the growth of the digital infrastructure we need, at a price that the planet can pay,” the company stressed.

Innovation plays an important role for EKWB, and this is why joining the SDIA is a win-win for both parties. “There has never been a better nor a more necessary time to promote and implement sustainable innovation. This innovation requires a holistic approach, and cooling is certainly part of the variables that are to be analysed in this equation,” EKWB said.


About SDIA

Established in 2019 and co-based in Germany and the Netherlands, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. (SDIA) is a nonprofit network of more than 65 members and partners working to catalyze the transition to a sustainable digital economy. The SDIA brings together stakeholders from across industries and fields, both public and private, to realize its Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030. It is meant to offer a holistic, systems-thinking approach to solving the challenges facing ICT sustainability, ranging from energy supply and data centers, to fiber-optic networks and software.


About EKWB

EKWB derives its name from the initials of our founder, Edvard Konig, in addition to our core product, Water Blocks. From our founder’s first ventures into the largely unexplored world of liquid cooling, the company has exploded to become one of the most well-known within the industry. EKWB has become synonymous with product innovation, stunning designs, and performance. Our ambition keeps us driven to continually evolve and push the limits to deliver exceptional technological pieces of engineering and art. 


For more information, please contact:

Michael  J.  Oghia,  Director  of  Communications  &  External  Relations,  Sustainable  Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. Email:


Download Press Release (English)

Michael Oghia
Michael Oghia
There are few people as passionate and engaged in the creation of a sustainable digital economy and the Internet as Michael. A true “connector," he is engaging with like-minded non-profit, media, and research organizations, extending our network, building Alliances, and bringing them along on the journey toward a sustainable digital economy. He is responsible for our communications activities and external affairs. Michael is based in Belgrade, Serbia.

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