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Circular Economy for Data Centers: CEDaCI receives additional €1.245 million

The European research project Circular Economy in the Data Centre Industry (CEDaCI) has been granted an additional €1.245 million. With this extra money, they want to expand into three more European countries. In addition to the initial countries of France, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands, the project will extend its work in Ireland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. SDIA is part of the CEDaCI project, and we are excited that its value is being recognized.

CEDaCI is a project run with the help of many organizations including SDIA. The aim of this project is to increase collaboration and communication to drive sustainability in the data center industry.

Why CEDaCI is important

The data center industry has grown fast and produces large volumes of waste. This means that many critical raw materials, valuable minerals, and other components are not properly reused while both communities and the environment suffer. Our current systems were not built to handle the volume of waste generated; therefore, a solution is urgently needed. CEDaCI is addressing this problem through a circular economic approach.

To build this circular economy, CEDaCI aims to foster collaboration between stakeholders from all equipment lifecycle stages in the data center industry. With the help of everyone involved, waste can be transformed into valuable and usable resources.

Further information

Astrid Wynne of Techbuyer wrote an article in The ITAM Review about CEDaCI receiving the additional funds, the focus of this project, and its future plans. To read Astrid's full article, please click here.

Phillip Mewes
Phillip Mewes
Phillip is our Junior Marketing Manager and helps us to further communicate our vision and Roadmap for sustainable digital infrastructure. Aside from that, he is supporting our marketing team to explore new formats such as new regional podcasts in German and French as well as help bring our messages into the German-speaking market.

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